3 & 4 Seasons Rooms/Screen Rooms

Differences between Screen Rooms 3 & 4 seasons rooms

A screened-in porch can add versatile indoor-outdoor living space to a home. But when it comes to resale value, screened porches are not as valuable to buyers as 3 & 4-seasons rooms. This is because homeowners can use a 3-season room 9 months out of the year (generally, spring, summer and fall), while a screened porch has more limited uses. Converting an existing screened porch into a 3-season room takes extensive knowledge of carpentry and is not a task for amateurs.

Basically a screened room is exactly that, a room that is screened in with a screen door leading to the backyard. A lot of homeowners have added to an existing deck or patio with some type of roof & screened system installed. For a true screened in room the contractor needs to make sure there is some type of screening material under the deck to keep out bugs. Usually screened in porches have a small amount of extra electrical like some light fixtures & ceiling fan, and sometimes a place for an outside TV.

3 seasons room which is explained above is for use 3 seasons out of the year. They usually have some type of window system that can be installed over the screens. 4 seasons rooms are really just room additions that can be used as an actual extended living space any time of the year.  Most times these 4 season rooms have a zoned heating & air-conditioning unit installed in the wall of the addition.  This way the room can be shut off & only opened when in use without having to heat or cool it all year long.  When done right, these rooms can be made to look like they were built when the original home was built. For all these rooms most municipalities require them to be built with the proper permits.

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