Pole Barn Construction

Pole barns can be a good way to add a building to your property with less expense than traditional construction. Pole barns can have gravel or concrete floors. To save money now consider just having rock floors and adding the concrete later. The barns are available in many different sizes, colors and roof types to match the architectural style of the buildings already on your property and can be used for a wide variety of needs. You may elect to have your pole barn installed professionally or buy a kit and do the work yourself. Whichever option you choose, here are a few things to think about before you get too far into the process.

Plan your Pole Barn for the Future

Make a list of everything you think you want to store in your pole barn or of the activities you would like to use your barn for. This can help you determine what size pole barn you need today, but you still need to think about the future. Do you have children who may be driving soon and need a place to store a car? Plan to buy a riding mower any time soon? Making sure you plan for what your pole barn will be used for in the future can prevent you from deciding your pole barn is too small after it is built.

Pole Barn Building and Zoning Law

Although it is very important to know your local building codes and laws, many people overlook them with disastrous consequences. Your local municipality may have regulations about the type, size and location of pole barns you wish to put on your property. You may be able to construct a building that violates these codes and laws but only if you apply for and are granted a zoning variance. Some areas may also require that you obtain a building permit and have the barn inspected after it is built. Failing to comply with local building and zoning ordinances can force you to stop construction partway through or make costly changes late in the project. Make sure you are in compliance with local laws before trying to construct a pole barn.

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