Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Great care & planning need to be done before tackling a kitchen or bath remodel.  For home owners a Kitchen remodeling project can be one of the most stressful remodeling endeavors you will face. You never realize until you don’t have free access to Kitchen every morning, how much you actually use your Kitchen. For most, the Kitchen serves as more than just the room in the house where food is prepared. The Kitchen is the central hub where most all other activity is planned.  The kitchen can be compared to as the command center. Moms organize the kids for school in the mornings from the kitchen; we often tend to sort the mail in the kitchen.  And for those of that don’t have a specified room in the house for a study or office; it’s usually where we conduct house hold business.

So when planning for a Kitchen remodeling project remember these things & be prepared to have to rearrange where you will do some of these tasks. I’ve seen many moms break down in tears after a couple of weeks of their not being able to use the kitchen.  Ask your contractor to help you to come up with a strategy for rearranging your work space that the kitchen use to accommodate.

Plan in advance for your Kitchen remodeling project:

Here are some suggestions in order for you remodeling project to go as smooth as possible and as quickly as possible. Try to make sure you have all your decisions made before your remodeling contractor even begins the demo on the job. If you are getting solid surface counter tops, especially granite, make your slab selection prior to beginning the job. You may want to even have 2 slabs chosen in case something happens during fabrication. Tops like Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, Hanstone or any other man made solid surface tops you don’t have to worry about slab selections. Every item that is special order like cabinets, sinks & faucets, etc, make sure they are on the job site prior to the contractor beginning the job. Or at least make sure your remodeling contractor has received them and has inspected them for damages.  By doing these simple things you will insure that your remodeling project moves as smooth & as fast as possible.

We will continue adding information pertaining to kitchen & bath remodeling to this page  in order to help you get the most economical price possible for your remodeling project without sacrificing quality.

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Kitchen & Bath what we need from you:

1.) With a digital camera take some pictures of the proposed work area including all walls that will be affected in the remodeling (be sure to include pictures how the work area is to accessed during the construction process.)

2.) Make a rough drawing of your kitchen or bathroom including the measurements of the the room itself the cabinets upper & lower, a video will soon be available to show how to measure your kitchen & bath for your remodeling quote.

3.) Up load the pictures & the drawing in the areas provided on the form below. There are 7 areas available for upload if you need additional areas to up load items you may need to fill out form more than once.

4.) Please be sure to give a brief description of your project & any special details that may be involved like the following: Specific types of appliances to be replaced if any and the name brands you are interested in, counter top material, style of cabinets & the species of wood, types of drawers- slam resistant etc., glass front doors, sink styles, faucet types & brands, flooring types if applicable, tub styles, shower surrounds, tile on walls, or cultured marble, or any other specialty items.

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