Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home can be difficult because there are a large number of products & options on the market today, most all claiming to be the best.  Your choice is going to depend on the room the flooring is for, the type of products you like, and the amount of foot traffic the floor material will be subjected to & of course your budget, which let’s face it, it’s almost always how much we want to spend that determines the choices we make when it comes to home remodeling or upgrading.


So how do you choose the right flooring?


Here are some basic things you should ask yourself that will help you to determine what flooring is perfect for you.


1.) What room are you considering flooring for? (Kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.)


2.) Why are you in need of new flooring? (Worn out, updating, part of another remodeling project which would also include timing)


3.) How much traffic will the flooring see? (Do you have children or pets, will you be entertaining a lot in the room, is it a small room or a room that leads to other rooms, etc.)


4.) Is low maintenance important to you?


  Thorough research of the different types of flooring is important when trying to determine the perfect flooring.   You can spend the time to research for yourself or you can take advantage of the resources provided by myremodelingcosts.com and when you purchase the project quote receive a compilation of comparisons of different types of flooring for your flooring project. Just follow the instructions below.

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Now if you are ready for one of our design & estimating professionals to begin on your true cost quote just follow the instructions below & you will receive one of the most powerful tools you can have to ensure you will get the most cost effective & quality installations possible. In addition to receiving your true cost quote from us you will get the e-books: “10 steps to Negotiating a Successful Contract with your Remodeler” & “A comparisons compilation of the flooring for your project“, free of charge with your purchase.


1.) With a digital camera take some pictures of the proposed work area (be sure to include pictures of the area that will be used to access the work area, like the steps if you are flooring a basement or upstairs space)


2.) Make a rough drawing of the rooms to receive the new flooring & note the types of flooring you would like to use in each room, up to 3 types/ room.


3.) Up load the pictures & the drawing in the areas provided on the form below. There are 7 areas available for upload if you need additional areas to up load items you may need to fill out form more than once.


4.) Please be sure to give a brief description of your project & any special details like the weight of carpet pad you prefer or if you have pets and need a pad that is pet friendly. If you want a comparative cost, like the difference between linoleum & ceramic tile in a kitchen, please be sure to mention this in your description of the project.


5.) Once you have submitted the contact form and your pictures continue to the store front & choose the packages you would like for us to put together for you. You will then be taken to a check out page where you can pay for the services via a secure PayPal portal.    


Upload information of your project below, with the required information, submit & continue to the store in order to for us to get started on your quote. Please make sure your name will apear the same at the check out page for payment. In the description box you can give special instructions for your project as well as any upgrades or special features to be included.

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