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So, you’ve decided to add or replace a deck.  Here are a few things you should know about decks and the installation of them before you begin. Below are some key points that well help you to make an educated decision about your deck or porch project that will save you money.

         First let’s assume you are going to add a new deck. 

-Is the deck going to be just off of the ground, say perhaps off an entrance that is on the first floor & less than 2 or 3 steps down to the ground?

                This is an important question to ask, because perhaps a concrete patio would be better served in this situation.  If the square footage is significant say more than a 150 sq.’ a concrete patio would probably be cheaper and is definitely less maintenance.  Especially if maintenance is something you are trying to keep low.  If a patio seems to be the right direction because of this go to the Concrete Patios & Overlays section of this web site.

Now let’s assume you still want to move forward with a deck just off of the ground here are a few tips that will help you to avoid some headaches in the future.

-Moisture is a real threat to wood decks even treated wood. It doesn’t matter that you are considering a vinyl or composite deck, because the actual structural part of the deck (the part you don’t see) is still wood, and if it’s going to be close to the ground here are some things that will lengthen the life of your decks undercarriage.

Decks & proper installation to lengthen their life:

                1.) Before installing the floor joists take the time or spend the little extra to put down a vapor barrier, this will not only help keep down the moisture in the area of your deck but will also help prevent weeds from sprouting up under the deck, remember, depending on how low the deck is positioned over the ground you may not be able to get a mower or trimmer under there, & believe me, even though grass may not be able to grow under there, weeds sure can.

                2.) Lay some type of rock over the vapor barrier, this will help hold it in place while the deck is being built.

                3.) Make sure you use the proper fasteners for the under carriage construction, the wrong type will deteriorate after a few years because they were not compatible with the chemicals used to treat the wood. (Even when fastening the flooring, posts, handrails or any other component of the deck be sure to use the proper fasteners). 

                4.) When fastening the deck to the house, be sure to fasten directly to the rim board not to any type of siding, and be sure to PROPERLY FLASH the deck against the house, again using an approved flashing compatible with the treated wood. (If you use aluminum flashing make sure you use a flashing that is vinyl coated on one side & that side is against the wood of the deck carriage.) Here is a picture of the proper way to flash your deck. This is very important not only to your deck but primarily to your house that it attached to. If this is not done right this could end up costing you literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars especially if you have a finished basement in the area below where the deck is attached.

I hope this has given you some insight on some proper procedures to follow in your deck or porch project. If you are considering installing the deck yourself or even if you want to be a more informed home owner in order to insure you get the most economic deck installation possible without sacrificing quality then you should down load my e-book “10 Steps to Negotiating A Successful Contract With Your Remodeler”. With this book you will be well armed to ensure a satisfying remodeling project. Check back for a new e-book “Steps to installing a deck or porch” (this will give more details to proper installation practices in any municipality).

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Now if you are ready for one of our design & estimating professionals to begin on your true cost quote just follow the instructions below & you will receive one of the most powerful tools you can have to ensure you will get the most cost effective & quality installations possible. In addition to receiving your true cost quote from us you will get the two e-books free of charge with your purchase.

1.) With a digital camera take some pictures of the proposed work area (be sure to include pictures of the area that will be used to access the work area from in between your house & your neighbor’s house)

2.) Make a rough drawing of your deck & proposed work area & include measurements of the deck area as well as the distance from the top of the foundation to the ground & estimate the fall if any from the house out to the end of the deck & be sure to specify where the steps are to be located if any.

3.) Up load the pictures & the drawing in the areas provided on the form below. There are 7 areas available for upload if you need additional areas to up load items you may need to fill out form more than once.

4.) Please be sure to give a brief description of your project & any special details like what type of deck surface or handrail you may be considering. If you want a comparative cost, like the difference between an all treated deck or a deck with composite flooring & vinyl handrail with decorator pickets, please be sure to mention this in your description of the project.

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