Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing

Basement remodeling:  

Finishing out your basement can serve several different purposes, like add needed extra space for a growing family. It can also add extra space for entertaining guests, or even serve as a living area for an aging parent. No matter what the need may be finishing your basement can be a rewarding project to enjoy for years to come.

When considering a basement remodeling project there are a few things to consider.

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-Do you want a bathroom in your basement? If so do you have rough plumbing already in the floor for your toilet and shower? I there a stub out already for a vanity and is it already vented through the roof?

These are all factors that can significantly affect the cost of your project.  If you have none of the above you want to try to keep the bathroom area as close to a 4” stack as possible and plan on removing some drywall upstairs in order to vent unless you hide the vent in a closet somewhere close on the upstairs level.

-Are you planning on a wet bar? Again you want to try to keep the location of the bar as close to at least a 2” stack going into the ground for the drain and it also will have to be vented through the roof. Getting water to these locations isn’t as expensive as putting in drains because concrete may have to be broken up, and the less you have to break up and replace the cheaper it will be.

-Is your basement a walk out?  This is important as well for cost, it is harder to get materials to the basement when there isn’t  easy access, and depending on your municipalities code requirements they may make you put in an egress window which can also significantly affect cost.

-Do you plan to have a bedroom in the basement? Again 99.9% of the time you WILL be required to have an egress window in any sleeping quarters in a basement.

-Does your current electric panel have enough space to handle the added circuits needed to complete your project?  If not, you may need a 100amp sub-panel.

-Does your current electric panel meet current building codes?  Some older panel boxes such as Federal Pacific have a tendency not to trip breakers when put under a load which can cause a fire and virtually all municipalities require a new panel box installed when remodeling work is done that needs a permit. Also Zinsko panel boxes are required to be updated for the same reasons. Plus the breakers for this box are very expensive if you need to replace them, you cannot buy new breakers for this panel, you have to find them used on-line or at an electrical warehouse.

-Basement remodeling projects are perfect opportunities to update your electrical service if needed.

-Do you have the min. height requirement from finished floor to ceiling? Usually 7’ some municipalities will let this one slide but it’s better to find out first before you invest time & money then find out you can’t finish your basement because of ceiling height.

-Does your basement take on water or has it ever? Last thing you want is to spend a lot of money to finish your basement and it take on water.  If it has you might want to consider having interior drain tile installed with a sump pump. We can quote that also. Do you have any visible cracks in the foundation wall. Have these fixed, better safe than sorry. You should never proceed with  basement remodeling  if there is the slightest chance a crack in the wall or the floor could potentially spring a leak, have these addressed first even if the expense of this has to put off the actual basement remodeling.

Let’s get started.  Here’s what we need to get you your quote:

Own a digital camera? We need photos of your basement from all aspects even areas that are not going to be finished.  Photos of where the steps are located, furnace , all plumbing stacks, ceiling throughout, and your panel box with the door open, any cracks that you might have in the walls even if they do not take on water.

Next we need a drawing, just a freehand drawing, of how your basement lays with all existing foundation walls and any interior framed walls, if any.  Placement of the steps, any posts in basements holding up beams, doors and windows if any, placement of furnace etc.

Next we need measurements of all walls to the nearest inch, how far away furnace is from two directions of walls, as well as any plumbing stacks, steps, windows doors, etc.  You can find an example of what we need drawing wise from you by clicking on this basement drawing link.  Give us two drawings one with the placement of everything and measurements, and one of your design idea if you have one, if you don’t have an idea we can design it for you, and give you the best placement of items, we just need to know what you want, bedroom or not bar or not bath or not craft room, office etc.

If you are having a bathroom installed, do you want a tub or just a shower?

If you want a wet bar do you want self-serve or do you want seating area as well?

What kind of flooring do you want? Carpet, tile, laminate, engineered hardwood etc.

What kind of trim & doors? Usually you try to match what you have in the rest of the home.

Some items that are usually left up to you to buy are personal items:

Faucets, vanity light, specialty lighting such as drop lighting over bar area or over pool table area, mirrors, bath accessories (tp holders, towel bars etc.), medicine cabinets, light at top of stairs etc. The cost of installing these items will be included but not the items themselves.


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