What you can expect to learn about remodeling from this website:

Each project will soon have a free online quote. Just fill out the form provided as accurately as possible in order to get the most comprehensive quote possible. After you submit your free online quote, if you feel you need a more detailed quote you can go to the store & choose to purchase either our basic quote which will divide each phase separately by labor & material, or the premium quote which itemizes each phase by labor & material.

For example a Basement Remodeling project contains several phases in order to be completed.

Each of the above phases consist of several components that make them complete.  By knowing what these phases contain, how much they cost and the labor it takes to install them, you would have a better chance of getting the best price possible to complete your remodeling project to your desired specifications. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t just mean cheap in the generic form of the word, after all you can get cheap but that doesn’t mean it was cost effective. Sometimes buying cheap up front means you will pay more down the road.

Are you ready to get started? Hover over the “Remodeling Projects” page button and choose which remodeling project you are considering.  Don’t worry if you don’t see the exact remodeling project you’re considering. Just chose the one that is the closest to your project.  For example if you are considering having the columns replaced on your front porch, you could chose one of two remodeling project buttons “Deck & Porch” or “Siding”.  Or if you want to turn your garage into a family room just chose “Room Additions”.

(As you hover over the drop down menu you may need to use your up & down arrows to see full list of projects)

My remodeling costs .com will also teach you how to Negotiate with your remodeling contractor in order to get the best price possible, without sacrificing quality. You can begin now by down loading the e-book: “10 Steps to Negotiating a Successful Contract with your Remodeler”.

You will also get from this web site exactly how to measure your project, no matter what your project is.  Soon you will be able to down load a video showing these things. If you have a suggestion please be sure to contact us.

Your support will ensure the continuation of this remodeling site.  We will also be able to continue research of home improvement & construction materials and the latest installation practices & safety procedures.