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The numbers generated by your responses include labor, material & a reasonable margin of profit for a reputable contracting company. The quote also is based on following all state & municipal building codes.

If you are looking for an exterior quote for either a concrete drive way or patio that will have footings you may be required to submit drawings & get a permit from your local municipality. The permits are usually obtained by the contractor. If there is a permit, some times a bond is required or an amount is held in escrow by the local municipality until the final inspection.

The quote does not include things like, repair to damaged yard that may occur, removal & re-installation of fencing or any other obstacles that may prevent access to work area, does not include cost of permits, bonds or escrow payments.

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Concrete Patios and Overlays

Whether you have a need for a new patio or just need to cover that ugly concrete, the form below will get you the price you need to help you choose a reliable contractor.

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