How my remodeling costs was founded


We would first like to thank you for taking an interest in our company. This website was created because of a need that was recognized by the founder.  There is a need for home owners to receive a fair price for their remodeling project. There is a need for home owners to be able to visit a no nonsense website & receive estimates from 3 or more qualified contractors of their choosing & not be sent the 3 stooges, thus wasting their valuable time.  A need for home owners to feel secure in the investment they are about to make in their homes.  There is also the need for home owners to be matched up properly to the right contractor that will provide the best service for their needs.

We also believe the contractors time is equally important. That’s why we firmly believe that the more educated a home owner is about their project the easier it is for them to choose the correct contractor, thus spending less of their time & other contractors time.

Let’s face it, not all contractors are created equal. While there are many capable new construction & remodeling contractors there are just as many NOT capable, & we hope to weed the NOT capable.  There are also high end contractors that specialize in doing work in high end areas, now this does not necessarily mean that contractors that do work in lower priced areas do below average work, it just means that the companies that do work on higher end homes have just geared their business to do more of those types of homes & thus they are going to be a little pricier.

My Remodeling Costs hopes to be able to properly match home owners with their perfect contractor for any project endeavor regardless of demographics, & arm every home owner with the proper tools necessary for a painless & successful completion of their project for the best price possible.

The founder has spent over 24 years in the construction & remodeling industry has worked for many construction companies, has owned a foundation company, been a new home builder as well as a remodeling contractor.

We hope that this website will bridge the gap that exists between home owners and contractors around the country. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can be used to be treated fairly as well as to treat others fairly.  With the information you will receive via this website, you the home owner, will gain the confidence it takes to ensure you will receive the best price possible for your remodeling project without sacrificing quality.

While we have provided a list of contractors on this website for various trades, the knowledge that can be gained here will help home owners find a contractor that is the best fit for their project. We will never ask you to fill out a form before you have had a chance to look at all our contractors for your project in your area.

We will help you to not only negotiate with remodeling or construction companies, we will also teach you how to identify GOOD construction companies that will treat you fairly.

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